Romans 10:13 – Verse of the Day 1/3/14

Romans 10:13 Verse of the Day

This verse summarizes the universal call of the Gospel, and provides the grounds for preaching and evangelism in the verses that follow. Salvation comes through faith, faith comes through hearing, hearing comes through proclaiming, and therefore the Gospel must be proclaimed (verses 14-15; 17)! Not everyone will accept the good news (verse 16), but for Paul Christians have a profound obligation and opportunity to present the Gospel message of salvation to as many as possible.

As you pray, thank the Lord for his work of salvation and the good news of this salvation. Thank the Lord that He has entrusted us with this message and given us the opportunity to participate in the spreading of His Kingdom. Pray that you would be bold in belief, and passionate in your desire to share the message of hope to those who will perish without it!

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