Romans 5:5 – Verse of the Day 2/5/15

Romans 5:5 Verse of the Day

Have you ever hoped or dreamed for something to happen that didn’t? Have you ever felt silly when you didn’t receive something that you longed for? Sometimes we can be very ungrateful when we receive presents that are not as good as the ones we hoped for.

In the Bible we learn that God never fails to give us the best things and exactly what we need, but we also learn that what we need is not always want we want. The promises of this verse come right after Paul tells us that God often uses suffering in our life to build our character and our hope in him. Because of our faith in Christ we have a certain hope and a strong foundation to experience suffering. The experience of suffering can even help us to grow more mature in our faith and hope.

Because Jesus’ work on the cross is finished, our hope is secure. Jesus defeated death by rising from the dead. Whatever sin and suffering remains in the world can only now work for the ultimate good of those who love Him. As you pray, ask God for the ability to believe His promises in the midst of suffering, and to allow difficult circumstances to strengthen the hope that is already ours in Christ.

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