Volume 5 Family Discussion Guide – What’s in the Bible?

Download this free companion family discussion guide to Buck Denver Asks … What’s in the Bible? Volume 5: Israel Gets a King [1 & 2 Samuel]. Discuss the 7 questions about Samuel, Saul, David, Solomon and the Trinity. Answers included in download.

  • When a person is a prophet of God, what is his or her job?
  • Who did God tell the prophet Samuel to pick to be king after Saul?
  • What does “Trinity” mean? Who are the members of the Trinity?
  • God made a promise to David. What was that promise?
  • What is the consequence for sin?
  • How did David respond when he sinned? How did Saul and Solomon respond when they sinned?
  • Read Proverbs 28:13. What do you think it is asking us to do?

Volume 5 Family Discussion Guide Image

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