Volume 6 Family Discussion Guide – What’s in the Bible?

Use this free downloadable family discussion guide with Buck Denver Asks … What’s in the Bible? Volume 6: A Nation Divided [Kings & Chronicles]. Discuss these 6 questions about Elijah, Elisha and their messages for Israel and Judah during the divided kingdom.

  • What is a prophet?
  • How did God protect Elijah?
  • Elijah trusted that God is who He said He is, so he made two altars, one for Elijah’s God and one for Baal. What happened?
  • Do you remember what sin is?
  • Name two prophets who were important messengers of God’s rescue plan.
  • Later, there was another prophet who gave messages to Israel. His name was Isaiah. What was the best message of all that he gave?

Volume 6 Family Discussion Guide Image

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