Bee Mine DIY Valentine’s Day Craft – and a craft contest!

Are you looking for a craft project to do with the kids this week?  Instead of the Fun Dip ready made Valentines, why not give these a try?  They’re super cute and pretty easy, perfect for gifts to family and friends. Cute little pipe cleaner bumble bees hold a lollipop:

From Kaboose.Com Crafts (Click the link to watch an instructional video)


Black and yellow pipe cleaners
Googly eyes
Yellow tissue paper cut in the shape of small hearts (used for wings)
Colored card stock cut in the shape of larger hearts
Hole punch

Fold one 6-inch black pipe cleaner into a V shape.

Holding the other black piece alongside the yellow pipe cleaner, wrap both stems together around the V at the same time–wrap tightly. Use the stems’ entire length and be sure to leave a small gap at the folded end, where you’ll slide in the lollipop stick. Bend back the ends of the V to form antennae.

Glue on googly eyes and yellow tissue paper wings.

Cut a heart shape from colored card stock. Punch two holes about an inch apart in the heart–off to the side– then write “Mine” or “I Love you” or whatever Valentine’s saying you like on it, plus any other message on the back. Then slide the bee onto the lollipop and slip the lollipop stick through the holes.

For two gifts in one, add a magnetic strip to the back of the bee so he can stick around after the lollipop is gone.


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