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My goal this week was to come up with some fun, educational and entertaining websites for kids.  I’m first going to let you guys in on one site that helps me navigate the web, and choose some of the sites we use all the time. is a great launching pad to find all sorts of sites for kids based on their interests.  Science stuff, coloring pages for the little’s, gamin interests, and even an grownups/ parents section that can lead you to valuable articles addressing everything from ADHD, Autism, home schooling, parenting, healthy cooking, etc.

Keep in mind that this is not a “Christian” site, so a measure of discernment is always a good idea. I’ve been able to navigate through some things which I know my family wouldn’t use, and have been blessed with information that I wouldn’t have begun to know how to find elsewhere!

Some kids are really into gaming online, but mine aren’t.  We keep their Internet time allotment separate from their Wii or Nintendo DS time.  In this respect, I find that they use their Internet time on more educational sites.  But these sites are fun, and have “games” and fun-facts– so it isn’t painful in anyway!

Here are the sites that my kids utilize all the time:

1.  Bill Nye the Science Guy
I love Bill Nye.  Many of you may even remember his Emmy Award winning show from the 80’s.  He combines a great combination of science and goofiness that kids eat up! Keep in mind that Nye presents some facts from an evolutionist point of view.  This hasn’t affected us, because I teach Creation to my kids, but they are also aware that some people believe in evolution, and what it is.  I use this site mainly for physical science, where my understanding is pretty lacking!

2.  Creation Ministries International site geared for kids
This site is GREAT when you are dealing with those evolution / Creation questions!!  They even have a fun fact page on dinosaurs, that I have used with my kids and their questions like, “Were there dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark?”

3.  Kidipede
Kidipede is a super site if you have a little historian on your hands, like I do, or if the kids have a report due and need valuable resource information.  This site is geared mainly to kids who are middle school age or older.  Science is also taught in relation to the historical facts.  A very classical approach to learning about societies and their contributions.

4.  SI Kids (Sports Illustrated for Kids)
If you have kids who love sports, but want to keep them away from the site with scantly clad females, this site seems to be ok.  They have videos, interviews with sport super-stars, and enough facts that your little statistician can sink his or her teeth into!

5.  The White House 101
Taking into consideration that politics can be a hot-bed of controversy, I still really like this site.  There are areas that kids can learn how our government works, read about issues that are currently being addressed by this Administration, interviews with the President, behind the scenes press briefings and a gallery of photos.  There is also a great history given about the White House and the Presidency.

6.  Story Nory – Downloadable audio stories for kids
This site is the place to go if your kids love to listen to audio books!  There are classics, fairy tales, and newer releases which are geared for kids.  I like letting my 8 year old go in and choose one story per week which we can listen to, together.  Wizard of Oz is currently being broken down into weekly chapters!

7.  Disney’s Club Penguin
Club Penguin is a hugely popular entertainment site for kids!  It’s by membership, so you do have a monthly charge to utilize this platform.  But kids get to choose their own penguin avatar which then allows them to navigate through the site, play numerous games and even connect and play with their friends right on site.  Disney promotes this site as being both a creative and safe place for kids to come and play. Membership sites are definitely on the rise!

8.  Nickelodeon / Nick / Nicktoons
Nick has a site that would interest kids from preschool up to about middle school.  Videos to include Spongebob, Dora, and iCarly.  I realize that there are some parents who strongly oppose the Nickelodeon programming, but I still wanted to give you this as an option.  We just happen to be Spongebob fans. also has a membership area, but my kids haven’t signed up for it, so I’m not sure what “extras” you get as a member.

9.  BigLight Gaming (Christian friendly online gaming)
This site promotes itself as being “Christian family gaming”.  They even have a verse of the week on the landing page.  We’re new to this site, but so far my 12 year old has found it to be user friendly and the games to be OK.  It isn’t a membership site, but you do need a login name and password to enter the games area.  I’d love to get feedback from you guys as well, since I am NOT a gamer in any way!

10. Jelly Telly
From our friends at Jellyfish Labs and Focus on the Family, this site is one that I feel totally confident about recommending! The subject matter and content is always written using a Biblical world view.  This site has it all: fun games, video clips and actual whole shows that can be viewed online. Shows like: Adventures in Odyssey, Buck Denver and Friends, and Buck’s Mailbag.  If you’re a fan of What’s in the Bible?, you will absolutely love Jelly Telly!

Do you allow your kids to go online?  What sites do you recommend or approve? Do you belong to a membership site?  Let us know, and attach a URL in your message.

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