Clive & Ian’s 12 Questions of Christmas on tour now!

Clive and Ian are asking and answering questions about Christmas all over the web for the next 12 days! Follow them around to some of our favorite blogs where you’ll also have a chance to win copies of What’s in the Bible?.

Check back here every day for the location of the newest video.

Wednesday, December 1:

Why is it called Christmas?

Hosted by Stacey at

Thursday, December 2:

Was Jesus really born on Christmas?

Hosted by Jen at

Friday, December 3:

How long ago was Jesus born?

Hosted by

Monday, December 6:

What does Santa Claus have to do with Jesus’ birthday?

Hosted by

Tuesday, December 7:

How did St. Nicholas become Santa Claus?

Hosted by

Wednesday, December 8:

Why does Santa wear a red furry hat?

Hosted by

Thursday, December 9:

Why does Santa ring a bell and collect money sometimes?

Hosted by Tyndale.

Friday, December 10:

What is Hanukah?

Hosted by

Monday, December 13:

What do Christmas trees have to do with Jesus?

Hosted by

Tuesday, December 14:

Where did the 12 Days of Christmas come from?

Hosted by Pete Wilson at

Wednesday, December 15:

Who is Immanuel? What does he have to do with Christmas?

Hosted by

Thursday, December 16:

What is Clive getting Ian for Christmas?

Hosted by

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