Do you know the judges from the Book of Judges?

We received this encouraging testimony from a friend of ours at Tyndale House Publishers (who distribute the DVDs). This 6th-grade girl wowed her Sunday School teacher by naming all of the judges from the book of Judges … could you do that?

At our church, each year, our sixth graders are taught a Sunday School class for the entire year that is an overview of the Bible. We have the same passion that Phil Vischer does – for our kids to really get a grasp of what they believe. The teacher is a college professor of Old Testament and it is a great class. I am “helping” with the class but really I am there to learn because I don’t feel like I got this teaching growing up in the church. Yesterday, they were studying Judges and Ruth. The teacher often asks them questions about details in the Bible as a quiz and then hands out little awards for correct answers and if the kids collect enough of these then they can trade them in for pieces of candy. Yesterday he asked if anyone could name ONE of the Judges and my daughter raised her hand. He said OK – which one do you know and she said “I know them all”. He was surprised and said OK – let’s see if you do. She promptly rattled them all off in order and then she looked back at me and smiled. ( He told her she automatically got candy for knowing that.) Then he asked, do you know the left handed Judge? And, of course she knew “Ehud.” She looked back at me and smiled again and whispered “What’s in the Bible.”

My husband and I were blown away and put the DVD in when we got home and sure enough there was the Bentley Brother’s song about Judges – she has seen it a few times and it stuck with her!

Here is the clip from DVD 4: Battle for the Promised Land. You can pick up the DVD here.

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