God’s Rescue Plan for Kids of All Ages

I can’t get the phrase, “God’s Rescue Plan” out of my head.  If you’ve watched the WITB DVD’s 1-4, you know what I’m talking about.  It is such a great way to describe God’s love for His people, and it has helped me understand Scripture so much better!  It’s just a few simple words, yet they have spoken volumes to me throughout this past week.  I’m not sure why it’s taken me (almost) 43 years to get that simple truth; you know, the “ah-ha” moment?!  I guess better late than never, right?

Teaching the Biblical concept that God really does have a rescue plan in place for each of us isn’t just for little ones.  I have used this as an introduction into a discussion on the topic of sin, forgiveness and reconciliation, with my oldest son.  People can make valid arguments that sin is, as David said in Psalm 51:4 (paraphrased) just between the sinner and God.  But through that sin, many times the enemy whispers lies into our ears about our own unworthiness and even the unforgivable hugeness of our particular sin.  These lies can cause even further separation between the person who has sinned and all who truly love him.

Too many times our dear children think they KNOW how we will react when we find out about the mistakes they have made, so they choose to NOT come to us for help.  Some mistakes are small enough to not bring their world crashing down upon them.  But others are SO big– are SO embarrassing—and are perceived by them to be SO unforgivable, that their world or their very idea of self worth and personal value truly do come crashing down upon them.  It is another set of lies, of course, and we can only hope to counter those lies of the enemy by utilizing God’s Word. Reminding them that God is faithful to do what He has promised for us.  That is, “…to meet our every need through Jesus.” (Phil. 4:19NIV)

Teaching Biblical virtues and values to my young children is a lot easier than sending them off into the real world, as teenagers, hoping and praying that they actually make good decisions based on those teachings.  But the years click by quickly.  My oldest is now 12, and is starting to be tested all the time as to what standard he will choose to follow: God’s or the world’s.

The world’s idea of “right” in no way seems to align itself with the truth which is God’s word, but rather with gut reactions; usually myopic, and seldom inclusive to anyone who has a differing worldview from that of secularism.

If only I had chosen to live on a metaphoric “island” and was able to keep my son away from circumstances or people that might challenge those very virtues which I’ve worked so hard at teaching him.  But we don’t live on an island.  He will face personal moral challenges and temptations, and he will have to make good decisions starting now. But what if he makes the wrong decision? Will he know I’m here, still loving him? Will he remember that God has a rescue plan already in place for him, through Jesus?

Having learned that through the introduction of sin comes death and suffering, but that Jesus came to give us an abundant life of joy! This, in turn, prepares our hearts for a more mature love.  This truth is where we can start to grow in an understanding, with our children. The Apostle Paul says that this mature love “bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things. Love never fails . . . “(1Corinthians 13:7, 8).

We parents must work diligently to keep open those lines of communication, especially with our older kids during these crazy, confusing times in which we live; sharing with them that there is always hope, forgiveness and a mature love through Jesus. Letting them know, without any doubt, that there is never any insurmountable issue that we can’t handle, together.  That they are loved unconditionally.  That we have their back– no matter what!  That God has it all planned out– and that because He loves them so much, there is that “Rescue Plan”, fulfilled in our dear Lord, Jesus Christ!

If you have any thoughts, feedback or insights on this particular subject please share those with us!

Maybe there is another Biblical truth that has touched your heart after viewing one of the WITB episodes, let us hear about it.

Hoping to grow in a godly spirit of community, soapboxes are welcomed and encouraged.

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