Everything You Need to Know About Father’s Day


Find new ways to celebrate Father’s Day with poems and activities below!

The History of Father’s Day

Although the idea of honoring one’s father is ancient, the modern American origins began in 1910, but the day didn’t become nationally recognized until after World War II. Find out even more about the history of Father’s Day, including how the day is celebrated around the world, here.

God Is Faithful: My First Father’s Day

A story from a new dad who is experiencing his first Father’s Day. His story helps us remember that God is faithful, even in brokenness.

Father’s Day Poems

If you’re making gifts for Father’s Day, you may want to check out this collection of Father’s Day Poems. (They would also be great for sharing on social media!) From prayers to modern poetry, you can find a variety of poems to express what’s in your heart on Father’s Day.

Fathers in The Bible

In this blog, we explore what the Bible say about Fatherhood and discuss famous Christian fathers throughout history.

What God’s Word Teaches Us About the Role of Fathers

Find five Bible verses that teach about Fatherhood.

Father’s Day Coloring Page

In this free coloring page, Clive & Ian wish you a “Happy Father’s Day!”

Originally published in June of 2016.

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