Voices: What is your favorite Father’s Day tradition?

This year, we’re rounding up some of our favorite bloggers to get their thoughts on faith and family. We asked them:

What is your favorite Father’s Day tradition?

Father's Day

Jessica of Grace for Moms

We love to grill out on Father’s Day. Of course we set out wanting to take care of everything so the men can relax but I’ve never met a man who will sit back and let a woman grill. So we end up taking care of the other details while our husbands, dads and siblings hang around flipping burgers and steaks.

Stef of Educating Laytons

Father’s Day is definitely a golf day with the boys.

Laura of Raising Soldiers 4 Christ

We don’t really have a tradition for that since my husband active duty in the Army. We always try to make it special wherever he is at or we are, it is just different than how others celebrate the day. My kids always make him special gifts and love to spoil him when he is home though.

Cara of Cheap Ways To…

My father passed away very close to Father’s Day, so I try to visit my mom around that time, and stop by the mausoleum where he is buried. It sounds morbid, but I’m thankful I had a great dad and a lifetime of memories to cherish on Father’s Day. It makes me even more grateful for my husband and the memories he’s creating with our daughters.

Heather of Learning As We Grow…Growing As We Learn

My husband gets to pick where we go for lunch. I take care of all kid duties. Occasionally, he goes golfing.

Lisa of Chaos Appreciation

We let Dad decide what’s for dinner, no questions asked. The day usually ends up with him cooking, since everything he picks belongs on the grill.

Carlie of Managing Your Blessings

Letting my husband sleep in and cooking him a huge breakfast. It brings my heart such joy to do this for him.

Tamika of No Time for Tea Parties

Taking my husband out to lunch.

Wendy of Hip Homeschool Moms

My husband’s favorite Father’s Day tradition is for him to be “king for the day.” He doesn’t have to do any housework, yard work, or cooking. He gets to read, watch his favorite shows or movies, or even play video games if he wants to!

Danika of Thinking Kids

Every year for Father’s Day, the kids and I choose a special handprint project to make for Dad as a gift. We’ve stamped handprints on ceramic plates, on painted canvas, and on tiles for the wall. Some years, we’ve added photographs of the kids. Others, they write something special or copy a favorite verse. We always label the handprint with the name and age of the child. Over the years, we’ve added each creation to a “Father’s Day Wall” in our living room. It’s so special to see how the kids grew and changed over time. Now that we’re grandparents, I’ll be adding a special little handprint next to the ones made by our younger children who are still at home.

Allyson of All Our Days

The kids have always made their dad cards for Father’s Day. I love keeping up with this tradition as they get older. I also like recording the things my kids have to say about my husband. I usually interview them and type up their answers. We’ve also had a lot of fun drawing pictures of our favorite things to do with Daddy.

Originally published in June of 2014.

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