DVDs 1 & 2 Quiz for Families

We know that some of these questions are tricky! The first 2 What’s in the Bible DVDs answer all of these questions and more! We are all going to get a lot smarter…

Here are the questions and correct answers (in bold):

1. What is the name for the first 5 books of the Old Testament?
a. The Torah
b. The Creation Books
c. The Vulgate

2. Who translated the Bible from Hebrew to Latin
a. Jerome
b. Jesus
c. Paul

3. How many books are in the New Testament?
a. 15
b. 27
c. 39

4. What does testament mean?
a. Story
b. Collection of books
c. Promise

5. Who wrote the first five books of the Bible?
a. Moses
b. Ezra
c. David

6. Why did God save Noah and his family from the flood?
a. Because Noah loved animals
b. Because Noah had 3 sons
c. Because Noah tried to avoid sin

7. What tree did Adam and Eve eat from?
a. The tree of life
b. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil
c. An apple tree

8. What was the actual name of “The Promised Land”?
a. Ur
b. Canaan
c. Mount Sinai

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Not a fluke that they all start out with the Pentateuch : ) For a more in-depth (yet equally artistic & entertaining) encapsulated history of Bible translation, please visit Jack Chick for: videos books comics & more: - http://www.chick.com/information/bibleversions/

Michelle Hamlin
Michelle Hamlin

The Septuagint is the complete Old Testament in Greek. The Torah is the first five books of the Bible. It's to bad that your willing to write off such a wonderful resource over such a simple disagreement. For more information on the Septuagint see: http://www.septuagint.net/

Nathan Bright
Nathan Bright

The point of question 1 and the whole series is to point people to the origins of the whole Bible. The actually video series does talk about the extra books that some religions add. The point of question1 that I see is that they want children to understand what the nation of Israel and the Jewsih people knew these books to be. What's in the Bible has done a great job at providing a tool for all to use. Is it perfect no, but I think this will be a very effective tool in helping us to teach everyday Bible lessons to everyday kids.

James Dobkowski
James Dobkowski

It saddens me that question #1 ignores and/or misguides the 1.5 Billion Christians who belong to a Catholic and Apostolic Church (as well as the authors of the First Edition of the King James Bible) who consider the Septuagint as the Old Testament Canon -- and I was so looking forward to your series.