A Few Friendly Reviews

What a great weekend we had!

Our team spent Friday out in Colorado Springs and Denver meeting with some people who are VERY EXCITED about What’s in the Bible? and hopefully we’ll be able to announce some things soon. Let’s just say that important people are catching the vision for our series, and we truly believe that it will make an impact on the Church and the next generation.

While we were gone, we had several people review our DVDs on their respective blogs. Here is what some of them had to say …

His Girl’s Blog

“What the What’s in the Bible videos do is teach children about the word of God- literally from cover to cover.  I can tell already that they’re not planning to take the easy route.  In the first two videos, they took on issues like ‘Why does the Catholic Bible have more books?’ and ‘Was the world created in 7 literal days?’- I have to admit I held my breath, just waiting to see HOW IN THE WORLD they were going to do it. The answers were perfectly, beautifully, excellently addressed, focusing not on the details of the stories but the Author of them.  I found myself smiling, nodding, and WAIT FOR IT…. learning! (…) If you have elementary- aged children, you can’t afford not to add these videos to your library. This is not a paid endorsement… but it is an endorsement by a girl who, after 19 years of studying, teaching, and ministering to kids thinks these DVDs are pretty much the the coolest thing she’s seen in a really long time.”

Doug Hanna’s Blog

“I’m here to tell you that Vischer’s newest show is AMAZING! What’s In The Bible tackles the mission that is long overdue: to create a kid’s video series to really take children through the Bible. All of it. Not just Genesis, Exodus, and then Jesus. Everything. … The best way I can describe it would be a Christian version of The Muppet Show.”

Children’s Ministry and Culture

The goal of these videos is to help kids understand the structure of the Bible, its overarching message, and to give kids a comfort level that will let them dive in on their own. I watched the disc with my kindergarten and fifth-grade boys. In spite of their age differences, they were both hooked on it. (…) I loved the diversity of the puppets. There’s a priest in a collar, a doughty Sunday School teacher, and an African American preacher. Much attention went into making sure these videos would appeal to children in a variety of cultures and faith traditions.”

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