Flexibility + Biblical Content + Fun = WITB Curriculum!


We are big fans of curriculum customization because we believe that you are the expert in your children’s ministry. You know your kids best, which is why we created the What’s In The Bible? curriculum to be super flexible, so that you can make it just right for them!

Each Church Edition volume contains 60 minutes worth of curriculum divided into 4 segments.

Each segment includes one video and one small group activity:

  • The FIRST SEGMENT serves as a welcome and relationship builder for the children
  • The SECOND SEGMENT is an introduction to the day’s lesson
  • The THIRD SEGMENT contains the main content
  • The FOURTH SEGMENT is a review of the day’s lesson

What’s in it?

  • SHEPHERDING GUIDES allow you to ask children questions about their lives, and record what they say so that you can remember to follow up the following week!
  • GAMES & DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: Every small group includes either a game for the children to play together or discussion questions that encourage them to think deeper about the lesson.
  • ARTWORK encourages you to create custom posters, or bulletins, or postcards that are just right for your church.

Because the curriculum is extremely flexible, the videos and small groups activities can be used in a variety of ways.

Customize It

  • Make the curriculum last 5 weeks instead of 4

    We’ve heard from a few churches that wanted to stretch each curriculum to last 5 in order to provide more of a review/wrap-up to the lessons learned. One idea we heard from churches – and loved! – is to use the regular home DVD on the 5th week of the month.

  • Customize curriculum and make it even easier for your volunteers

    Because we all experience ups and downs in our children’s ministry, we decided to make the What’s in the Bible? Church Edition a curriculum that is easy to use! Take a look at some of the tools included in the curriculum to make your life easier.

  • Church Resource Kit

    The What’s in the Bible? Church Resource Kit DVD is the perfect companion for the What’s in the Bible? Church Edition! Full of printable classroom decorations, fun extra videos, and more – it’s everything your church needs to enhance your What’s in the Bible? experience!j

Add Music

Give Parents Resources

  • Go Home Card

    A great way for parents and children to discover the answers to big questions about the Bible together!

  • 5 Ways to Use What’s in the Bible? at Home

    When we built the What’s in the Bible? Church Edition, we intentionally paired it with amazing resources that kids can take home. So while the curriculum lessons are perfect for the classroom, What’s in the Bible? can extend far beyond the church walls.

How will you customize the curriculum? We’re excited to hear your innovative ideas!

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