For Churches: How to Get Parents Excited About The Why Do We Call it Christmas? Church Edition

Looking for the easiest way to connect with parents this Christmas season? As your ministry goes through the Why Do We Call It Christmas? curriculum, use these messaging ideas on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & in email to keep your ministry parents in the loop, so they can engage kids at home during the week. We encourage you to use these as suggestions or templates – adjusting to mention your ministry’s name, for example.

General Posts

  • Join us this December for Why Do We Call It Christmas? (Right Click to Download & Save This Image)

Christmas Curriculum Coming This December

Week 1:

Post #1 – with video (For Facebook)

  • Christmas can be confusing! With Jesus, Santa, presents, trees – what’s it all about? We’re learning this month with our new curriculum from What’s in the Bible?

Post #2 – with video (For Facebook and Twitter)

  •  Why do we call it Christmas? Check out this video and see if your kids remember where we got the name “Christmas.”

Post #3 – with link to activity (For Facebook and Twitter)

  • Here’s a Buck Denver Christmas coloring page you can download and use at home this week:

Coloring Page Christmas CabinWeek 2:

Post #1 – with image (For Facebook, Twitter & Instagram)

  • This week we learned the Luke 2 story. Read Luke 2:1-20 together as a family this week! (Right click to download and save)

Luke 2:7 Verse of the Day


Post #2 – with video (For Facebook & Twitter)

  • Chester Whigget’s Popsicle Stick Theater presents the Story of Christmas! Watch and discuss as a family this week:

Week 3:

Post #1 – with video (For Facebook & Twitter)

  • This week we sang our favorite Christmas carols! Sing along with our What’s in the Bible? friends in this video.


Post #2 – with activity (For Facebook & Twitter)

  • Print off this What’s in the Bible? Christmas coloring page for the kiddos this week!

Christmas Coloring PageWeek 4:

Post #1 – with video (For Facebook & Twitter)

  • We sing “O come, o come Emmanuel,” but who is Emmanuel? Watch this video from our Christmas curriculum –

Post #2 – with image (For Facebook, Twitter & Instagram)

  • Merry Christmas! (Right Click to Download & Save This Image)

Merry Christmas CE image


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