The Facts, Fun, and Reality of the Christmas Season

Christmas is a busy season and we want to make it easier for you! We’ve rounded up the “Tricky Bits” of Christmas – you know, those nagging questions in the back of your mind about the holiday, the celebrations, and what it all means for your family.

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The Facts of Christmas

There are a lot of Christmas traditions that we accept at face value without digging deeper into their meaning. When we do pause to reflect on where they came from, we can learn the truth behind them and the fascinating history and context of them.

Historically, we’ve celebrated the birth of Christ on December 25, but what does that date mean? Do we know on exactly what day Jesus was born? Many families might be surprised to discover that we don’t actually know what Jesus’ actual date of birth is. Find out the true story behind December 25.

Did you ever wonder why we bring in trees to decorate – aside from them being beautiful to behold? There is actually a surprising history of the Christmas tree that dates back to 7th Century Germany. Learn how St. Boniface showed God’s love to the Germans at that time.

If you grew up singing the carol but not thinking beyond the fact that partridges were hanging out in pear trees, you may be surprised to learn the significance of the 12 days of Christmas. The twelve days represent the time between Christmas and Epiphany, the day the wisemen arrived to visit the Christ child.

Watch a video of Clive & Ian discussing the 12 days of Christmas and learn more on our blog.

The Fun of Christmas

If you’re looking for ways to have fun with your family this Christmas, you’ve come to the right place!

Do you have a budding Julia Child or Emeril Lagasse in your family? Encourage their love of learning in the kitchen by baking Gingerbread Cake together! We have posted the recipe to our blog so you can have fun baking together!

We gathered our top 9 ideas for family fun at Christmastime – everything from crafts to coloring to reading the Bible together! Let us know what your top choices are for learning, growing, and having fun together at Christmas!

Ok, ok, we know budgeting isn’t very fun…but it does help allow you to HAVE fun (responsibly!). Crystal Paine, of, breaks down 5 easy strategies to keep your finances in control at Christmas. Learn strategies for how to plan for Christmas spending from an expert!

When the Season is Painful

For all the glitter and excitement and “magic” of Christmas, the reality of the season is that it can be really difficult if you are dealing with family conflict or loss. How can we help heal hurts and minister to families that are hurting?

Rachel Wojnarowski shares 5 ideas of how to approach the holidays if your family is hurting. Find ways to minister and bring comfort during a potentially difficult season.

What does the Bible say about conflict, healing, and forgiveness? Lisa Strnad shares three verses that encourage us to move toward reconciliation and softening our hearts to take the first step toward asking for, or extending, forgiveness.

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