How to Use DVD 10 “Jesus Is The Good News!” to Teach Kids about Easter

The DVD “Jesus Is The Good News!” covers the Gospels – which means you can learn all about Jesus: who He is, what He did on the cross, and what it means for us today.

Below, Phil Vischer answers a few questions about the DVD and how it helps teach the Gospel to kids.

Easter Video Series: How Does DVD 10 Tell the Story of Easter and Share the Gospel?

In DVD 10, Phil Vischer tells the story of Jesus and his life, death, and resurrection. But, what is the next step? Should cartoon characters or puppets bring children to the point of salvation? Phil believes that step should be person-to-person, and not left to a DVD. In DVD 10, he walks children through the Good News and then encourages them to talk to a grown-up to take the next step to decide to follow Jesus. Find out more!

Easter Video Series: How Do You Show Jesus on the Cross to Children?

The visual of Jesus being crucified is not child-friendly, which means most children’s DVDs and books skip showing it. How did Phil Vischer handle it in DVD 10 “Jesus Is The Good News!” Discover the way he approached the crucifixion and how that helps kids understand the importance of what Jesus did for us.

Easter Video Series: How Do You Teach the Bible Story of Jesus to Kids?

“If everything is whiz-bang, fast, fun – kids can learn the Bible in their heads, but they can’t connect it to their hearts,” Phil Vischer said. How do you balance teaching facts to children and helping them form an emotional response to what they have learned? Phil Vischer explains how he addressed this in DVD 10 “Jesus Is The Good News!”

What Does it Mean that Jesus is the Good News?

What does Phil Vischer hope families take away from the “Jesus Is The Good News!” DVD? Watch a video and read about how hopes to help children and parents make an emotional connection to what Jesus did for us.

Jesus-good-news-buy-nowA mom from Monrovia told us, “I have been excited for the release of the What’s In The Bible? explanation of who Jesus is. I was not disappointed! I love the truth, the emotion, the information, and the heart of the story. The characters themselves struggle with the truth of what Jesus did for them, and this moment gives such an opportunity for young hearts to really wonder at the truth. Buy “Jesus Is The Good News!” from our store. 

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