Voices: How Do You Make Easter Meaningful For Your Family?

 This year, we’re rounding up some of our favorite bloggers to get their thoughts on faith and family. We asked them:

How do you make Easter meaningful for your family?

family with resurrection-eggs

Lisa of Chaos Appreciation:

One Easter, a few years ago, I stuck a note in each child’s basket that simply said “I Love You ~Jesus”. I had no idea they would react the way they did, but they cherished those little notes. So now, every year, I put another note in the bottom of the basket, saying the same thing, to remind us all that Easter isn’t about the basket, or the candy.

Leah of As We Walk Along The Road:

We hide eggs and do Easter baskets, but we do them on Saturday morning so that on Sunday morning we have time to focus ourselves before we go to church.

Heather of Me and the Gross Boys:

We read many great books about Easter. We listen to and sing songs about Christ’s sacrifice. We have done the resurrection eggs, and the resurrection garden.

Kimberly of Living in the Sweet Spot:

One of the ways we make Easter meaningful for our family is by simply talking about the story of The Cross. We read pictures books, Bible passages, and watch videos that bring the story to life. We also make Easter Story Cookies. Each ingredient in this recipe is symbolic of a part of the Easter story, and with a corresponding Bible verse. The result is a tasty treat that is hollow inside…just like Jesus’ tomb.

Tamika of No Time For Tea Parties:

I make resurrection rolls with my kids and we talk about the sacrifice that Jesus made. We talk about what it means for each one of us, and the world. I use the Read-to-Me Bible and let the kids tell and retell the story as we make the rolls. We read from the Bible and wait for them to bake. Then we eat them. It is a great opportunity for them to ask questions and for me to hear their thoughts and perspective.

Wendy of Hip Homeschool Moms:

My children are older now, and they have all been taught why we celebrate Easter/Resurrection Day for many years. We enjoy making Resurrection Cookies, and we always love attending our church on Easter Sunday. My husband and I give the children gifts for Easter – like a small amount of candy, pretty spring stationery, and a new dress for the girls or a new shirt for the guys. We emphasize that the pretty colors, flowers, etc. represent new life and that our new life came from Jesus–who died so that we could be forgiven from our sins and could not only have a new life here on earth but also an eternal life with God in heaven.

Laura of Raising Soldiers for Christ:

We start with reading Amon’s Adventure: A Family Story for Easter. This is a wonderful book that is perfect for Lent. We also do Resurrection Eggs, which help to reinforce the Easter story for the children. As a family, we also read many books and talk about Easter often. On Easter the kids get baskets from Mom and Dad and we spend the day in church.

Heidi of Our Out of Sync Life:

One of my favorite Easter activities is making resurrection rolls. Placing marshmallows inside crescent rolls is an awesome way to demonstrate the empty tomb.

Katie of KidMinspiration:

We attend Good Friday services. It really helps us to focus on Christ’s love and sacrifice for us.

Danika of Thinking Kids:

My husband and I decided early in our marriage that holidays in our family would be simple and sincere. We usually attend church on Good Friday or hold a special time of family worship to observe Christ’s sacrifice. We discuss the reason Jesus died and go through the Gospel. On Sunday, we celebrate Christ’s resurrection with great joy! We enjoy giving the kids gifts that help them focus on Scripture — usually a good book, a journal or Bible, and a DVD (What’s in the Bible? of course!). For fun, we do throw in a piece of candy or two. Don’t ask me why, but marshmallows taste much better in the shape of a chick!

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