An Invitation to Walk Your Family Through the Bible in 2015


We’ve had such a great time this month following an Advent reading through the Bible with our children (ages 6 & 3). They are finally at that stage we can begin having actual conversations about Bible stories and faith-building lessons. We’ve been watching What’s In The Bible? for a few years now but I finally feel like we can begin using it more intentionally.

So…in 2015 our plan is this: focus on one volume of What’s In The Bible? every month (or two in the summer) and walk through the entire Bible together from Genesis to Revelation. At first thought this seems daunting…leading children through the whole Bible in one year. But with the help of Buck Denver, Sunday School Lady and all their friends, I know we can do it (and I’m sure my husband and I will learn a thing or two along the way).

I’d like to invite you to join us this coming year as we lead our children through this faith-building series. Each month you can meet me here on the What’s In The Bible? blog where I’ll share our experience and encourage you as your family walks through the Bible too. We’ll have activity packs and resources to engage our kids in conversation through each book of the Bible. I’ll share quick summaries, talking points we used and tips on how to carry each Bible lesson into real life throughout the month. I promise to keep it real and not pretend it’s always a life-changing exchange (like last night when our Advent reading on Jonah turned into a discussion on how Jesus fights the beard-sporting, pointy mustache-wearing bad guys). And as you follow along, I’d love to hear from you. What amazing conversations started in your home after watching What’s In The Bible? What big ideas are your kids grabbing onto?

My hope is to support one another as we use this amazing resource to build the faith of our families. A new year is coming, our kids are getting older and it’s the perfect time to start an intentional family activity that will build our faith and that we’ll cherish for years to come.

Join us here early in January when we jump into Genesis through Volume 1: In the Beginning!

Jess-Wolstenholm-PhotoJessica Wolstenholm is co-founder of Grace for Moms. After 15 years in the music and publishing industries, Jessica came home to be with her two small children. Although the transition from the corporate world to the playground has been an adjustment, she is learning every day to access the grace available to us through Christ as she navigates the full time job of motherhood. She is the co-author of The Pregnancy Companion: A Faith-Filled Guide for Your Journey to Motherhood and The Baby Companion: A Faith-Filled Guide for Your Journey Through Baby’s First Year. Jessica lives in Nolensville, TN with her husband, Dave and two miracle babies, Hope (6) and Joshua (2).





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