Is God in this?

This morning in my devotions I was rereading the notes I had taken from Henry Blackaby’s study on the book of Samuel, and I came across this quote from Mr. Blackaby:

“To tell the people that He is with us in all of His power when there is no evidence of it in our lives is a betrayal to God’s people.”

This convicted me when I first read it 7 years ago, and it convicted me again this morning.  It’s so easy for us as leaders to stand up in front and proclaim God’s awesome power.  They hear it in our messages and our praise choruses.  But do they see it in our lives?  I mean, really?  Is God’s power visible in our lives?  Or is it just lip service?

I’m about to launch a series of DVDs that rather boldly proclaim God’s power.  We’ve shown samples to the children’s ministry leaders of several denominations, and they’ve found it so impactful they’re looking for ways to use it across thousands of churches.  One curriculum leader at a major denomination said, “There is nothing like this out there.  There has never been anything like this out there.”

Wow.  That’s pretty exciting to hear.  It makes me feel like we’re on the right track – like we’re on to something here.

But… this will only reach its potential if God shows up in it.  If His power is manifest in this work, and, more importantly, in my life.  Am I just giving God lip service?  Just repeating things I’ve heard in a million praise choruses?  Or am I bearing witness to a God who has made Himself present in my life?  Am I focusing on the work, or on God?

How about you guys?  The world doesn’t need to see how clever we are.  The world needs to see the manifest presence of God in our lives.  The power of God.  On the canvas of humanity.  It doesn’t matter what comes out of my mouth, if it isn’t coming out in my life.

Thanks for the reminder, Henry.

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