A Great Review!

We just received a great review from Kelsey Shade at CBA Retailers+Resources, the Christian Bookseller Association‘s official magazine. Since it is a trade-only publication, we thought we’d share her review with you here!

“From Phil Vischer, the man who made vegetables talk (and sing and dance and tell Bible stories), comes an engaging new series that walks kids through the entire Bible. What’s in the Bible? springs from Vischer’s passion to reverse the trend of biblical illiteracy in the church. Unlike previous efforts to retell Bible stories, this 13-part DVD series explains the Bible – from Genesis to Revelation – in a format that’s humorous and entertaining for children and adults alike.

In the Beginning and Let My People Go! – the first two volumes in the series respectively – will release in March from Jellyfish Labs and Tyndale Kids, and retail for $14.99 each. In the Beginning introduces Buck Denver and his friends as they share how the first 11 chapters of Genesis set up the rest of the Bible – and all of life. In Let My People Go! Buck Denver and friends travel through the stories of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, and Moses to show children that they can always count on God and trust in His promises. The entertaining cast of characters explains what’s in the Bible, how it’s organized, who wrote it, and what it’s all about; Vischer accomplishes this by using an engaging format and a mix of animation, puppets, live action, and music.

The first episode in this series is entertaining, but a few of the characters don’t seem fully developed. Fortunately, the rest more than make up for that. Vischer does an amazing job combining different media and modes of entertainment to provide knowledge on a topic we all think we know but could always learn more about. What’s in the Bible? may be a little over the heads of very young children, but it’s a great teaching tool for kids to learn some important information. It’s also enjoyable, entertaining, and educational for adults.”

Thanks, Kelsey!

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