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The What’s In The Bible? Coloring Book is getting rave reviews from bloggers! We’re so happy that this unique Bible coloring book is helping families and children’s ministries. It features over 200 reproducible coloring pages that take your children through the entire Bible – from Genesis to Revelation!

Here are a few of our favorite reviews:



Emilee of Pea of Sweetness

Our kids are always excited about a new coloring book, and I was excited about the possibility to dig deeper in the Bible while they do something they love! Just today we sat at the table while they were coloring, and just as I have come to expect, our daughter asks about the picture she is coloring – who is in the picture? What are they doing? This particular picture was Elijah getting food from a raven.


Each page has a sentence (or two or three) with a description and even includes the Bible reference so if you really want to dig deeper you can open up your Bible to read more. Our kids are still at the beginning readers stage, but I love that they ask me more about the picture, and I’m not only able to read what is on the page but really talk about it as well.

Melanie from ithappensinablink.com

As a mom, I appreciated how the coloring pages sparked her interest in the characters and stories on the pages. Even if it was a story that she had already heard, she would ask questions while she colored. So even if you’re not reproducing these for a group, the book is great for home use as a conversation starter or to reinforce church concepts.

Megan from lovingthelittlethings.com

As kids of all ages enjoy being creative and coloring, I highly encourage you to use something as simple as these coloring pages as a learning tool and a great conversation starter about our faith. Talk about the characters! Tell your kids about the stories, or ask them to tell you! Don’t be afraid to delve into the details, the whys, and God’s redemptive plan for His creations!

Lina of lifeaccordingtolina.com

This coloring book is perfect for use at home, in Sunday School or Jr. Church, with homeschooling, or even if your child is sitting with you in church and listening to the pastor’s message! With over 200 pages, there are many Bible stories included, from Creation to Paul. Best of all, all the pages are reproducible!! That was so helpful for me, since I needed copies for my whole class.

Katie from daytodayvirtualschooling.blogspot.com

The illustrations are interesting and not too babyish according to AJ. She is not a big fan of coloring, but actually enjoyed this book. I liked that the pages were thick enough so that when you are coloring, you can’t see the lines from the other side showing through. Most of all I love that while she is coloring, she is continuing to learn more about God’s Word. In fact when she came to the picture of the Tower of Babble she got excited and said, “Hey , We just learned all about this!”

Jolyn of bargainstobounty.com

This isn’t a flimsy little coloring book – the 200 pages are printed on quality paper, making it 2-3 times as thick as a normal book. The major difference is that the book is reproducible – so you can make copies to share and use at home, in church and Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Mom’s groups, homeschool and wherever you’d like.


I loved the pages that feature favorite Bible verses – my daughter chose the Ecclesiastes 3:11 coloring page to complete and mail to her grandparents. It’s nice enough to be framed!

Laura of daybydayinourworld.com

First off, I LOVE that this book gives permission to reproduce the pages.  This has been fantastic for us when we take the older boys to a study group which lasts up to 4 hours.  There is a copier available in that office space and I’ll let J pick out 6 different pages to have for coloring.  It might not take up all the time we are waiting for his brothers to be done, but it does provide a fair bit of focused time.  Sometimes I even color with him. J and I have talked about what each page is illustrating, even if it is a part of the Bible he has not encountered in our regular studies.

Thank you so much to the bloggers who reviewed our coloring book! Pick it up in our shop today and start your children on a creative, colorful journey through the Bible!

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