Church Edition Box Set: The Bible In One Year!


Take your children’s ministry through the whole Bible in one year! 52 weeks with Buck Denver asks … What’s in the Bible? will take you from Genesis through Revelation. The Whole Bible box set includes all 13 volumes of curriculum – plus the Old Testament Review and Why Do We Call It Christmas? editions. The Box Set also includes the new Church Resource Kit DVD that contains printable classroom decorations, promotional materials, and videos including countdown videos, volunteer training videos and special messages from Phil Vischer just for parents!

  • Contains 60 weeks (15 months) of media-driven curriculum to take your ministry through the whole Bible – Genesis to Revelation!
  • Includes Why Do We Call It Christmas? – a 4-week Christmas curriculum designed for the busy holiday season
  • Includes all-new Church Resource Kit – 2 discs that include files to print your own classroom decorations and promotional posters plus countdown videos, videos for parents from Phil Vischer, and more!
  • Each volume contains everything you need on DVD, DVD-Rom and CD-Rom: videos, customizable lessons, and take-home materials.
  • Each volume includes a website password to access all materials for download – or lead your class via a mobile phone or tablet!
  • Created by VeggieTales® creator Phil Vischer

Need more info to take back to your church? View the Scope & Sequence or download this PDF to pass along!

What people are saying about the What’s In The Bible? Church Edition…

Janelle of The Well Equipped Volunteer

I love the focus on Biblical literacy. This curriculum contains the whole narrative of the Bible, not just highlights. I also really like that repetition and reinforcement are built into the lessons and units. This curriculum was designed to give kids a big picture view of the Bible and to help them understand how it all fits together.

Jesse Joyner

This might sound obvious, but it is important that a curriculum have a strong Biblical grounding in terms of how the writers view Scripture. Phil Vischer has a strong commitment to Scriptural inspiration, authority, reliability, and relevance. To him, the Bible is not just the world’s best selling book that teaches us about the religion of Christianity and how people wrote about it centuries ago. For Phil, the Bible is God’s inspired Word – a revelation from God to us as His message of love and story of redemption. And that changes everything.

Trevor Lee

One of my favorite elements of “What’s in the Bible?” is the choice to instill Biblical literacy. The videos do touch upon some “life lessons” but the focus is to communicate the history, situations and the story of each book in the Bible…and how they are all connected. In my opinion this intentional focus does aid this generation to develop a healthy perspective of the Bible.

Jesse of Coffee with Dad

I’m a huge proponent of the meta-narrative – teaching the Bible as a whole, single story about God. Many curriculums focus on a specific Bible character rather than on God himself. While WITB will talk about all the major characters in the Bible, the focus is on understanding who God is and our need for redemption.  It doesn’t approach the Bible as a book or rules but as a book of rescue.

Wesleyan Kids

While a video is not a substitute for a live teacher, these well crafted videos combine solid teaching through Scripture and an introduction to theological terms as they are encountered in the narrative. It’s hard to argue that for a season it would be incredibly worthwhile to use this video-based, small group-driven resource with your children’s ministry. You get a great teaching tool and interactive elements and the curriculum assists the small group leaders to walk and interact with their small groups of students through this learning journey together.

About the Children’s Department

I like how this resource combines solid teaching and engages children with humor and activity in a way children will remember. I also appreciate how “What’s in the Bible?” teaches children how God’s Word “connects” and treats children like they can actually learn and understand the Bible. Too often the Bible is presented as “stories”; but “What’s in the Bible?” goes deep and past the “stories” to the reason we have the Bible – so we can know Who God Is and why He works in our lives.

Trisha of Peacht

This is one of the best kid’s church/Sunday School curricula out there right now. I recommended it to a church that bought it a year ago- and they love it.  I highly recommend that you get a free sample today, check it out and see if it may be a fit for your church and your kid’s ministry.

Train Up The Child

I just found a great resource to teach children the Bible.  It is from the creator of Veggie Tales, Phil Vischer.  This is not just random and familiar Bible stories, but it’s the whole Bible from Genesis to Revelation. There are videos, free downloadable coloring pages and activities, and even a whole curriculum for Sunday School and VBS. I love the fact that it covers the whole Bible so children can get the complete picture of God’s story!

Simple Kidmin

I love that it’s not just a comprehensive overview of each of the 66 books of the Bible but that it tackles big issues that some day could make or break a kid’s faith. For example, in one lesson Phil does an incredible job teaching how science is the right tool to help us understand the natural world but that it’s not the right tool to help us understand God because He’s beyond the natural world.  If our kids can get their heads around truths like this, they can grow up loving science and the Bible and find no contradiction between the two.

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