Social Media and What’s in the Bible

When planning the launch of a new brand like What’s in the Bible?, there are a thousand discussions about marketing spend and messaging and how to reach your audience. We knew when we started this adventure that our message was different than any other kids’ product we’d ever seen (It’s for families! It’s about Bible literacy! It’s not Bible stories, but it’s the WHOLE Bible!) and so our message had to be bigger, better, and broader than any other kids’ product launch that we had seen.

We’re trying this thing called Social Media, and so far it’s working. Every day, through Facebook and Twitter, this blog, Phil’s blog, and one hundred blogs from the Tyndale blog tour, we get to interact directly with parents, grandparents, children’s ministry leaders, pastors and fans about What’s in the Bible. It makes our job fun, and it helps us accomplish our end goal: to teach kids and families about the Bible. We get to answer questions, start debates, address concerns, and share the encouragement you all give us about what we are doing.

We were flattered by this blog from Calum Henderson about What’s in the Bible’s use of Social Media. He calls it amazing; we call it fun! He also gives some great pointers about using some of our ideas for your own Social Media campaigns.

We love Social Media! And it feels like Social Media loves us … or at least, people like you who use Social Media love us!  And, as people who use Social Media, we’re going to ask you to help us with a few things!

1) Do you follow us on Facebook and Twitter? You should!

2) We’ve got more than 4200 Facebook fans, and we’ve promised all of them that if they help us reach 5000 fans, we’ll give them all a 20% discount on the music from DVDs 1 & 2. You know you want to be a part of it … Tell all your friends to become a fan!

3) We need 100 people to do some hardcore Social Media-ing for us. In return, we’ll give you a copy of DVD 1 and a CD or a buy-one-get-one free coupon for our store. Interested? Find out more here.

Do you like what we’re doing? Hate what we’re doing? Wish we did more? Less? Let us know!

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