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What is Ascension Thursday?

Did you know the church’s celebration of Jesus’ resurrection doesn’t stop at Easter? Of course, we know we can celebrate and be thankful for Jesus’ resurrection all year long, but throughout church history Christians have observed another important moment after …

Mother’s Day Coloring Page

This week, the What’s In The Bible? crew wants to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day!  Download the Mother’s Day coloring page featuring our favorite little movie-lover, Michael!

Happy Mothers Day Activity

We LOVE moms! And we know how much you love your mom, whether you are 6 or 36 or 56 or even 86! In celebration of all things mom, we wanted to give you this free printable Mothers Day Activity …

Rediscovering the Symbols of Easter

Phil Vischer recently appeared on Family Life Today to discuss the symbols of Easter and how Christians can use them to teach the gospel. Read more thoughts on how eggs and bunnies can point us toward Jesus rather than splitting …

Easter Invitations

Invite friends to church or family to Easter brunch with these downloadable, color-able, customizable invitations declaring “He Is Risen!”  

Creating Meaningful Easter Traditions As A Family

When our children were very little we thought hard about how we wanted to celebrate Easter with them. Easter is the celebration of Christ’s death and resurrection. But culturally, Easter brings us bunnies and eggs and candy. All of the …