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How My Family Celebrates Shrove Tuesday

Every year my family looks forward to “Pancake Day” also known as Shrove Tuesday!  Shrove Tuesday is a huge dinner with our extended church family where we gather together and feast on pancakes, sausages, muffins, and fruit. It’s a fun …

What is Shrove Tuesday?

Have you ever wondered why people tend to eat pancakes on the day before Ash Wednesday? Believers around the world celebrate Shrove Tuesday each year and if you’ve never celebrated it yourself, read below to learn what Shrove Tuesday is …

Hopes and Prayers for the New Year

  Talk as a family and then record your family’s top 2016 hopes and prayers. Keep this sheet posted where you can all see it regularly!

Pepparkakor Recipe & Coloring Page

Make Pepparkakor for Christmas – just like Sunday School Lady and Marcy in the Why Do We Call It Christmas? DVD! Download the recipe plus a coloring sheet that goes along with the scene from the DVD.

How to Talk to Your Kids About Joy & Peace

My 2-and-a-half-year-old is just old enough to recognize holiday symbols like Baby Jesus, Santa and Christmas lights. She has no idea what any of these mean, but she can tell from her 7-year-old sister’s excitement level that they must be …