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How to Talk to Your Kids About Halloween

Halloween remains a hotly debated subject among Christians.  While some of us feel that allowing our children to dress up and go trick or treating throughout the neighborhood, or attend our church’s harvest festival, is perfectly fine, others of us …

Clive & Ian Talk About the Olympics

Clive and Ian are excited about the Olympics! Are you? Download your free Summer Olympics Family Fun Pack featuring games, coloring pages, and fun family activities from What’s in the Bible? here.

How To Talk to Your Kids About Independence Day

We Americans love a reason to celebrate! Is there any other national holiday that is quite as exciting as the 4th of July?  Close your eyes and think about the many Independence Days which you have celebrated.  What comes to …

Who Are You?

Today’s guest post in our series in honor of Father’s Day is by Paul Spite, a father and writer from Cookeville, TN. “I don’t even know who you are.” This was the answer I was given. The question was what …