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Fourth of July Coloring Page

Happy 4th of July from Buck Denver and the What’s in the Bible? team! Download the 4th of July coloring page featuring our favorite man of news!

What is Holy Week?

For the next installment in our What’s in the Bible? Easter blog series, we’re explaining each of the days of Holy Week, their histories and how we currently celebrate. What is Holy Week? Holy Week marks the final week of …

Easter Songs and Prayers

We’re looking at popular Easter songs and prayers. Please share some of your own favorites in the comments! Easter Songs and Prayers From the earliest days of the church, Easter has been celebrated with prayers and songs. This first took …

Easter Series: What is Easter?

For the next 3 weeks leading up to Easter, the team at What’s in the Bible? has put together a series of blog posts to help you understand the history & traditions around Easter! We hope you enjoy it. Today …