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Why Do We Give Up Things for Lent?

If you weren’t raised in a Christian liturgical denomination, the idea of “giving up something” for the 40 day season of Lent may seem like a strange practice – and it may seem even stranger to your children, if it’s …

What’s Lent and Why Do I Care?

The great thing about the What’s in the Bible? online community is that we come from such diverse backgrounds!  Most of us are Christians, but not all.  We come from every denomination (and non-denomination) imaginable!  It’s such a great honor …

Practicing Lent as a Family

Melanie here from the What’s in the Bible? team! I don’t usually blog on these kinds of topics (mine are more along the lines of product updates and other such things), but I wanted to take the opportunity on this …

Happy Valentine’s Day!

From our Values with Clive & Ian series (you can find them all at JellyTelly.com), Clive & Ian talk about love … it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day and remembering that unconditional love comes from God.