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Moab Background – Ruth Popsicle Stick Theater

Here is the Moab Background to make your very own Story of Ruth Popsicle Stick Theater! The rest of the materials needed to put on the Story of Ruth Popsicle Stick Theater can be found at the following links: http://whatsinthebible.com/activity-library/garden-background-ruth-popsicle-stick-theater/ …

Volume 1: Genesis Bible Flashcards

What’s in the Bible? flashcards will help your kids remember the key concepts from each DVD. You’ll Need: – PDF of What’s in the Bible? flashcards – Scissors – Tape, glue or staples To use: 1. Collect your materials:     2. Cut …

Abraham, David and Jesus Coloring Page

  Download this free Abraham, David and Jesus Coloring Page, which shows that Jesus is from the same family. This fulfilled God’s promises to Abraham and David in the Old Testament. From What’s in the Bible? Vol. 10.