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Walk Your Family Through the Bible: Exodus

My husband and I have had many conversations lately about sin as it relates to our children. We’ve been discussing how we want to present the idea of sin and salvation to our kids (ages 6 and 3). While we …

Bible Stories that Teach Kids Love, Strength, and More

image source Jessica Wolstenholm spent the year diving into Bible stories that help teach kids about tough topics like strength, faith, and encouragement. See her posts below and find Biblical illustrations to help navigate life lessons with your children. Three …

Summary of the Entire Bible

Phil, Buck and friends summarize what they’ve learned about the whole Bible – from Genesis to Revelation – and explain what it means for us today. Learn more about What’s in the Bible? in Volumes 1-13 – the complete Bible …

What’s In The Bible? YouVersion Plans

We have partnered with YouVersion to bring you a series of family Bible reading plans that cover a variety of themes and feature videos from What’s In The Bible? episodes! Heroes of the Old Testament – Discover the exciting stories …

Ezra Coloring Page

Downloadable Ezra coloring page showing King Artaxerxes sending Ezra to Jerusalem to teach the Israelites from Ezra 7.

Judges Coloring Page 2

Downloadable coloring pages featuring the 12 judges: Othniel, Ehud, Shamgar, Jair, Jephtha, Ibzon, Deborah, Gideon, Tola, Elon, Abdon and Samson.