Chuck Waggin’s Prophet Song

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Chuck Waggin sings about the challenges the Old Testament prophets faced in this fun song from Buck Denver Asks What’s in the Bible? Volume 9: God Speaks! [Isaiah, Jeremiah and the Prophets].

Chuck Waggin

There wasn’t much profit
In bein’ a prophet
When tryin’ to sound the alarm! With Israel snorin’ –
They just keep ignorin’
All the signs that they’re headed for some harm!
When you’re a prophet –
It’s not a lot of fun.
When you’re a prophet
You ain’t pleasin’ anyone.

They’re not inclined to listen
And you’re forehead’s gonna glisten
With the sweat of jumpin’ up and down!
Yeah, their stubbornness will bug ya
And they ain’t gonna hug ya
More likely they’ll just throw you outta town!

‘Cuz you’re a prophet
It’s not an easy job
To be a prophet
Means you’ll face an angry mob
The pay is bad, the hours worse
Proclaim a warning – then a curse!
You’ll take your blows – you’ll need a nurse!

And thank the Lord the day that you are done!
A prophet’s job is not a lot of fun!

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