Ezekiel and The Brick

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Sunday School Lady tells the story of Ezekiel in this video from Buck Denver Asks What’s in the Bible? Volume 9: God Speaks! [Isaiah, Jeremiah & The Prophets].


Rather than just yelling out, “the Babylonians are going to destroy Jerusalem,” God told Ezekiel to take a brick, and scratch a picture of Jerusalem onto it. He had him it in the street, and pile up dirt against it like the hills armies build to attack a city. Then make tiny camps and battering rams around it, and put an iron griddle next to it.

Then Ezekiel was supposed to tie himself up in cords, then lie next to the little model brick city every day for 390 days!


390 days?!? Starin’ at a BRICK?!?


We don’t know how many hours a day he had to lie there, but yes. 390 days. Staring at a brick.

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