What’s in the Bible? Church Edition Review from Staci Travisano

This fall at Glenkirk Church in Glendora, CA we tested What’s In the Bible: Church Edition during our midweek programming because that’s our primary church hosted vehicle for discipleship.  This curriculum dares to color outside the lines of the large group teaching format by offering adjustable program formats along with small group offerings and interactive lesson guides.

Each video segment was not only entertaining but full of so many important details that even our older kids and adult leaders who might not be engaged by puppets, were actively challenged to process concepts within their small groups.  In fact, we’ve also considered using portions of this curriculum for our Intro to the Bible class for adults.

Our small group leaders were encouraged in the faith development this curriculum fostered within small groups, as this program truly encouraged discipleship through relationship.  Week after week, parents were amazed about how much their kids were able to retain from each lesson.  As a team, we were most impressed with how What’s In the Bible: Church Edition was able to tackle complex questions like Creation, and topics like Patriarchal History in an engaging and effective format.

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