I’m a little bit hoarse …

… because I spent four hours in a room with an 80 year-old Sunday School teacher. Well, okay, she’s a puppet. Named Sunday School Lady. I’m filming scenes for the third “What’s in the Bible?” DVD, and I had to cover about 20 pages of script with Sunday School Lady yesterday, which left me a little hoarse. (It’d be more fun if it left me with a little horse, but it never works out that way.)

The third DVD was a real challenge to write, because it covers Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. Whee! What fun! No wonder we tend to skip those books when we write Sunday School lessons. (“Let’s see… we’re done with the exodus – what’s next? Jesus!”) But we managed to write through them, and it’s interesting stuff! Three different animators are hard at work on the animated portions, and I’m locked away in the studio with the puppets. The original songs are produced and done, just waiting for the puppets to lip-sync their way through them like Milli Vanilli (who were also puppets, weren’t they?).

When you start out by saying, “We’re going to walk your kids ALL the way through the Bible!” it doesn’t really dawn on you at the time that you’ve just committed to walking kids ALL the way through the Bible. Even the hard parts. Even Leviticus, for heaven sake! But so we are, and so we shall! And we’ll all learn a thing or two in the process! (Yes, even me. I confess I hadn’t spent a ton of time in the book of Leviticus – until now. Leviticus and I have become very well acquainted. First name basis.)

This third DVD will be in stores this summer, with the fourth coming in the Fall. We’re flying!

Well, I need to drink some tea and get back in the studio… it’s “Clive and Ian” day. (Ian is convinced the “Levites” are the folks who make his blue jeans. Clive has to set him straight on that one.)

Only 3 weeks until launch time! Stay tuned for more news…

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