Psalm 126:2 – Verse of the Day 11/10/14

Psalm 126:2 Verse of the Day
Can you imagine being forced to leave your home and even your country to go and live in a foreign land? How would you feel? Would you be scared? What if you never knew if you would be able to return or see your friends and family again?

If you can imagine how that would feel, you can also probably imagine how thankful the people of Israel were when they sang this song. It was a song about how God restored them to their land after they had lived in exile all those years in Babylon. Because of this restoration, the people were “filled with laughter” and “shouts of joy,” for “The Lord has done great things for them!”

The Lord has done great things for us. Spend some time in prayer considering God’s faithfulness to His people, both in the Bible and in your own life. Thank God for the specific ways that He has provided for you, and most of all for the forgiveness of your sin and the gift of salvation.

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