John 3:5 – Verse of the Day 4/11/14

John 3:5 Verse of the Day

Sometimes it is hard for modern day Christians to understand the Bible because it seems like a foreign land. As a result, some of the illustrations and examples the Bible uses are hard for us to understand. In the 21st century, we have to think a little bit about what it means that God has a kingdom. What do you think God’s kingdom is like? Do you know where to go in the Bible for answers to questions like this?

This verse is one of those places. Jesus teaches us that his kingdom is a spiritual kingdom, and so we have to be born of the Spirit to enter it. The Bible frequently connects the work of the Holy Spirit with cleansing from sin, and this seems to be what Jesus means when he says that we must be born again by the Spirit. It means we need to have our sins forgiven.

Having our sins forgiven changes us radically. We are now citizens of another country! The change is so complete that it is like being born again as a new person. As you pray, thank the Lord for this gift of new life, and pray that you would live in a way that demonstrates the reality of the change the Lord has brought in your heart.

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