Psalm 119:2 Verse of the day 11/23/2013

Psalm 119:2 Verse of the Day

Along with verse 1, this verse forms the opening couplet of an ode to wisdom that continues for 176 verses! The author majestically constructed this song as an acrostic poem, with each stanza corresponding to a different letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Those who keep the Lord’s commands are blessed, because his moral Law is the path to true meaning, life, and satisfaction. For the psalmist, the Law is beautiful, and deserves a psalm equally as beautiful in its construction.

Whereas the psalmist sees the Law as beautiful and the only path to true freedom, we frequently think of God’s Law as restrictive and burdensome. Pray that the Lord would help you to see the beauty of His Law, that He would allow you to see the magnitude of your sin as you consider how often you transgress it, and that you would rejoice that Jesus kept the Law perfectly in order to credit his righteousness to us in the eyes of our Heavenly Father.

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