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Ordering the Church Edition

Yes. If you prefer to order via phone, please email with your phone number and we will call you to help place your order. If you need to pay by check instead of credit card, please also include what you'd like to order so we can generate an invoice.
If you need to pay by check instead of credit card, please email and include what you'd like to order and your shipping address so we can generate an invoice and send you information regarding where to mail your check.
Sales tax is only charged on orders placed in Texas. If you live in Texas and have tax-exempt status, please email your tax exempt number and your order number to We will then issue a refund for the amount of tax you were charged.

General Questions

We are pleased to provide a sample week of the Church Edition to give you a better idea of how the curriculum works. Please feel to view the sample here:

Curriculum Sample
Regular DVDs: The regular DVDs are designed for at-home use and each includes one disc containing two full episodes. If you plan to show these DVDs in a church setting, you will need to buy the group viewing license for each volume in addition to the DVD. You can purchase licenses here:

Group Viewing Licenses

Church Edition: The Church Edition is designed for churches and includes teaching materials and corresponding video clips designed for a classroom/teaching setting. Please note that the Church Edition uses some clips that are similar to the regular DVDs, but the Church Edition also includes brand new videos that are exclusive to the curriculum and all videos are edited to go with the print materials.

Each Church Edition Volume includes 3 discs containing the following:

- Classroom DVD (DVD with 4 weeks of lessons and bonus features, including sing-along songs)

- Video & Music Clips (the same materials as the Classroom DVD, but this disc works in your computer and contains all theh media files so you can put the lessons into presentation software or play it from your computer

- Print Materials (This disc includes your leader guides and printable activities for each lesson. Each document is provided as both a PDF and customizable Word document for your convenience.)
The Church Edition is designed to use video clips that complement the classroom activities and materials. Although the curriculum uses some video clips from the regular DVDs, it also includes brand new videos that are exclusive to the curriculum. Each video is also edited specifically to set up the next activity. For this reason, we're unable to sell the print materials from the Church Edition separately.
Yes. You can now teach the entire Bible using our Church Edition. In addition we have the Old Testament Review Church Edition and Why Do We Call It Christmas? Church Edition available.

Each volume of our Church Edition includes 4 lessons or 4 weeks of teaching. When you use our entire series, you'll cover the entire Bible in 52 plus have 4 weeks for Christmas and 4 weeks of the Old Testament Review available for a total of 60 weeks.
Yes. We offer a full scope and sequence for each volume. You can learn more about each volume and the week by week lessons here: The Scope and Sequence.
The Church Edition is designed to work best with 1st-5th grade. It really depends on your group though, as many churches have said the older children have enjoyed the material too.
If your group's set-up requires that you show the classroom DVD in more than one room at the same time, you can purchase additional classroom discs at a discounted rate. To view available discs, please click here.
The church edition is designed for churches meeting once a week and uses small groups, so depending on the size of your home school family or co-op and how often you gather, this may be a good solution for your group. If you'd like to preview the curriculum, you may do so here:

Curriculum Sample