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Curriculum Scope and Sequence

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You’ve come to the right place to explore our curriculum  … Volume by Volume and Week by Week!
Below you will be able to take a look at each week’s Bible lesson, including specific information about activities, what Bible content each lesson covers and more. You will find that our curriculum is one of complete flexibility for churches, leaders and volunteers.


Our unique approach has something each week for every kind of learner you may have in your classes – the tactile learner, the active learner, the auditory learner and the visual learner.  We know children learn different ways and our approach is to incorporate these styles with in-depth teaching of the whole narrative of the Bible.

Our goal is not just that your children come away with a high “Bible I.Q.” – but rather that they understand the story of the Bible, and are engaged in a deeper relationship with God the Father because of it. Each of the Bible lessons for kids ties back to forming a relationship with God, as well as equipping each child to live out their faith in today’s world. 
More than just the greatest hits or most popular stories, the What’s in the Bible? Church Edition was designed to engage children in the whole narrative of God’s Word. The Bible is not a book of rules, but a book of rescue – the beautiful story of the Father who longs to be in relationship with every one of us, and who went to extraordinary measures to bring us into His Kingdom! When you start the lessons in the What’s in the Bible? Church Edition, your students are not only beginning a journey through the Bible, but the lifelong journey of a relationship with the Living God.  Take a closer look!

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Curriculum Volume 1

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Volume 2

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Whats in the Bible Curriculum Volume 12

Volume 12

Whats in the Bible? Volume 13 Curriculum

Volume 13

Why Do They Call it Christmas Church Edition

Volume Christmas

Old Testament Review

Volume Old Testament Review